Rain in the Desert!

by GrowingFlowers

A sleepy day. A super late night and a baby girl. The house was quiet when I awoke – Kaya in theater camp, Treska at the Birth Center, Falko working….. I stayed in my jammies until 12, drank coffee and walked around looking at my flowers and garden.

I love my bed, I love my coffee, I love my jammies, I love my Miso (our dog). I love our home. I just felt full of insane gratitude – for sleep, really. It made me so happy. To sleep in.

After picking up Kaya and a friend, after chocolate covered coconut ice-cream popsicles – we settled in at home.

I made parsley pesto – rather fabulous, lunch and tea. And then it rained! It really poured for, probably 15 minutes! Of course, it is sunny now, again. But we sure did get that rainy feeling. I even videotaped it – it was pouring down the windows, making sounds on the roof. It even felt a tiny bit chilly – I closed the front door.



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