Nineteen years ago!

by GrowingFlowers

So grateful for the longevity of friendship…..My two closest college friends (and their families) came to have a reunion this year at my home. Three years ago we had it on Lummi Island in Washington – and it was just beautiful. Although my mind is filled with pictures, emotions, stories and memories, Bard College was many, many years ago.  I love that we have managed to remain close and that our children and husbands truly know each other and have the best conversations and times together.

Kaya's bedroom this week.....

Gosh, I looked forward to this for weeks and weeks and feel sad that it is over. I am even exhausted…. we stayed up so late, every night, drinking wine, eating chocolate  and talking, talking, talking. I went to bed last night and purposely did not look at the clock. The sun was coming up over the mountain as I climbed in bed, and, as someone who is often awake during sunrise, I knew what time it was! The boys and children went to bed at reasonable times  - both dogs lay by our feet and Stace, Hester and I  really went there together – to those places that we know in each other so well and not so well. With who else can we be so vulnerable and so known?

Time does really create trust perhaps. I love the conversations we have together, the ability we have to listen to each other and to love each other. I respect and admire these women, their husbands and want to absolutely eat up all their children.  I want to spend more time exploring the places we were able to explore together.

We soaked at Ojo Caliente – the hot springs, we made yummy food, marveled at the children. I loved the reminder of what it is like to live with small children. These children were engaged, curious, focused and fun. I would love every single one of them to be mine! Kaya was in another Theater production with Missoula Children’s Theater and this was a fantastic Saturday afternoon activity for all of us. We hiked to the river, we bathed, we went to an outdoor live music concert at the Plaza. We sat at our outdoor table, under the hummingbird feeders and snacked, chatted, crocheted, knit.  It was full and rich.

I was able to enjoy my home with legos everywhere, food overflowing from our counters, table and fridge, dogs and children squealing, dishes done and undone, laundry overflowing, again. It’s quiet now, it didn’t take long to tidy up, mop, sweep  - I’m tired, on the couch, drinking tea, eating a tomato sandwich with barely my eyes open. And I’m missing everyone.

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