Linky Love

by GrowingFlowers

I haven’t had a chance to write or update about anything, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I am reading a beautiful book by Natalie Goldberg, she lives here in Northern New Mexico.  Long Quiet Highway.  It is a quiet book describing her journey from a suburban childhood to an awakened young woman.

I have also been reading many blogs! I’d love to share them with you!

Here is an acknowledgement of the “strange and wonderful world of blogging.”  I love the comments! People really get it!

Did you know that google and the internet stores your preferences to make your searches geared towards you?

Can a crocheted blanket get much more beautiful?

I love reading about the benefits of homeschooling! This post discusses why it is so great for young teens!  It’s like maple syrup!

And for you German readers - I just adore this woman’s journey into midwifery - her intense experience and birth of herself as a midwife is truly impressive and admirable. I so appreciate her honesty!


I’m off to a home visit, near a farm, deep in the sage-spotted hills. I love these drives, with my students, in sweet anticipation of seeing a sweet client’s home and being there with her through her excitement and preparation for her homebirth.

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