by GrowingFlowers


It feels like Spring here and I got to put my hat and work in my new garden! Falko shoveled the entire amount of dirt from our two beds in our old home into his truck – then unshoveled it into the newly reconstructed beds at the new house. My gosh. He is my hero! 

I puttered around inside and mostly outside. I made a flower garden bed, planted massive amounts of bachelor buttons, cosmos and poppies. I watered and I sure hope it works. I have big plans for flowers this year! 

We met the owner of the home, he lives a few hours away and was very helpful, kind and pleasant. Glad to have met him, makes the house feel even better. It’s nice to know a bit of the history and to know more about it…..

Busy days – I am looking forward to Sunday evening. Then it will be completely done. The next two days will be a bit insane, but doable. I will get it done. 

And now to bed…. I feel physically tired, and accomplished.

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