Living close to the Mountain

by GrowingFlowers


We’ve been spending every moment we can outside. It has left some of our indoor projects a bit neglected, though. This April has been, perhaps, the best April I have ever experienced here in this temperamental high desert. Sunny, warm – Spring weather. It has been so lovely that we truly appreciate the dark and rainy days that we need so desperately. Thunderstorms have started.


We have amazing hikes and wilderness access from our new home. (A treat many of us here in Northern New Mexico have!) ¬†Falko and I have been exploring like crazy. We’ve been looking for the river we know is so close – it has led us for hours. We have sage at the top of the mesa, and huge Ponderosas down deep in the arroyo. We’ve found adobe houses/cabins built in the 60s and one in the 80s – disintegrating and returning to the land from which it came.


And then back home again to work outside. I’ve planted cornflowers, cosmos, sunflowers, mammoth sunflowers. I planted one Asiatic lily, hardy outside, I hear. ¬†Yesterday I bought a lilac bush and some Sweet William. Planted them all. I love watering.

I love standing there and searching for sprouts! Found them yesterday, finally, on the first bed I planted.

I planted one vegetable garden raised bed too! Kale, arugula, snow peas and spinach. Yesterday I found the neatly rowed sproutlings popping through! Relieved. I seem to always think that nothing will grow. And then it does. And even well!

Going outside now – this sunny morning to water. And search the ground for sprouts!

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